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Metric: Project Access

Metric: Conversion Rate

Metric: Change Request Review Duration

Metric: Meeting Attendee Count

Metric: Newcomer Experience

Metric: Project Demographics

Metric: Change Request Closure Ratio

Metric: Event Location Inclusivity

Metric: Public Health and Safety

Metric: Release Frequency

Metric: Change Request Commits

Metric: Defect Resolution Duration

Metric: Change Request Reviews

Metric: Code Changes Commits

Metric: Number of Downloads

Metric: Upstream Code Dependencies

Metric: Libyears

Metric: SPDX Document

Metric: Licenses Declared

Metric: OSI Approved Licenses

Metric: License Coverage

Metric: Test Coverage

Metric: Elephant Factor

Metric: Committers

Metric: Bus Factor

Metric: Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) Best Practices Badge

Metric: Issues New

Metric: Issues Closed

Metric: Issues Active

Metric: Issue Response Time

Metric: Issue Resolution Duration

Metric: Issue Age

Metric: New Contributors Closing Issues

Metric: Contribution Attribution

Metric: Inactive Contributors

Metric: New Contributors

Metric: Change Requests

Metric: Change Request Acceptance Ratio

Metric: Change Requests Duration

Metric: Change Requests Declined

Metric: Change Requests Accepted

Metric: Code Changes Lines

Metric: Branch Lifecycle

Metric: Academic Open Source Project Impact

Metric: Project Recommendability

Metric: Project Popularity

Metric: Project Velocity

Metric: Job Opportunities

Metric: Organizational Project Skill Demand

Metric: Organizational Influence

Metric: Labor Investment

Metric: Psychological Safety

Metric: Chat Platform Inclusivity

Metric: Project Burnout

Metric: Documentation Accessibility

Metric: Documentation Discoverability

Metric: Issue Label Inclusivity

Metric: Documentation Usability

Metric: Mentorship

Metric: Sponsorship

Metric: Inclusive Leadership

Metric: Code of Conduct for a Project

Metric: Board/Council Diversity

Metric: Event Demographics

Metric: Event Accessibility

Metric: Time Inclusion for Virtual Events

Metric: Family Friendliness

Metric: Code of Conduct at Event

Metric: Inclusive Experience at Event

Metric: Diversity Access Tickets

Metric: Collaboration Platform Activity

Metric: Organizational Diversity

Metric: Event Locations

Metric: Occasional Contributors

Metric: Contributors

Metric: Contributor Location

Metric: Bot Activity

Metric: Time to First Response

Metric: Burstiness

Metric: Time to Close

Metric: Activity Dates and Times

Metric: Review Cycle Duration within a Change Request

Metric: Types of Contributions

Metric: Technical Fork

Metric: Programming Language Distribution

Metric: Clones

Metric: Communication Transparency

Metric: Self-Merge Rates