Quick Start for New Contributors

A Quick Start Guide for Newcomers

There are several quick ways designed to meet, greet, encourage, and mentor newcomers to the CHAOSS Project. We recommend you:

1. Join the CHAOSS Slack

We have a Slack Channel! And so many working group focused channels within it. BUT, we've reserved one ESPECIALLY for newcomers, and our community is highly responsive within it. This is the Slack channel. And THIS is the channel within a channel, called #newcomers where you'll be welcomed! (Type the word newbie and see what happens!)

2. Attend CHAOSS Office Hours

Every week on Tuesday, we have an office hours intended to make it easy for you to ask questions, and find your place in the project with a supportive, experienced CHAOSS maintainer.

You can join these hours from 9am - 10am (USA Central Time) through zoom channel: https://zoom.us/my/chaoss

3. Attend a CHAOSS Monthly Onboarding Call

Every first Wednesday of the Month, we run a Welcome to CHAOSS call for newcomers talking about the different working groups and projects in CHAOSS.

You can join this call from 11am - 12pm (USA Central Time) through our zoom channel: https://zoom.us/my/chaoss.

If you can't make this meeting, you can get an overview of CHAOSS by watching a recording of one of the previous Onboarding Calls.

Once you've done these three things, you're ready to start participating more actively in CHAOSS!