Quick Start for New Contributors

1. Join the CHAOSS Slack and Discourse

We are on Slack! And so many working group focused channels within it. BUT, we’ve reserved a channel ESPECIALLY for newcomers, and our community is highly responsive. This is CHAOSS on Slack, and THIS is a channel called #newcomers where you’ll be welcomed! (Type the word newbie and see what happens!) We also have a Discourse forum where you can introduce yourself and explore some of the conversations going on in the community.

2. Attend a Few CHAOSS Newcomer Hangouts

Every Tuesday, we have a Newcomer Hangout intended to make it easy for you to ask questions and find your place in the project with a supportive, experienced CHAOSS maintainer.

You can join the hours from 9am – 10am (USA Central Time) through our Zoom channel: https://zoom.us/my/chaoss

3. Attend some weekly CHAOSS Community Meetings

Every Tuesday, the community comes together to discuss anything that pertains to the whole community. This is also the place where we share announcements and news. You can participate or just listen. It’s really up to you!

You can join this call from 11am – 12pm (USA Central Time) through our Zoom channel: https://zoom.us/my/chaoss.

4. Take the Next Step: Become a Contributor

Once you’ve done the first three steps in this doc, you are ready to start participating more actively in CHAOSS! Visit our Contributor Path – Participating to see some next steps for you.