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CHAOSS software applies metrics and models to collect and visualize open source community health.









GrimoireLab supports 30+ data sources in Code Management, Issues, Code review, Mailing list and more.  The aim of this project is to provide an open source toolkit for:

  1. Analyzing activity, community, and processes of open source projects.
  2. Automatic and incremental data gathering from almost any tool (data source) related to contributing to Open Source development (e.g., source code management, issue tracking systems, forums).
  3. Automatic gathered data enrichment, merging duplicate identities, adding additional information about contributors affiliation, calculation delays, geographical data, and more.
  4. Data consumption and visualization, allowing filtering by time range, project, repository, contributor, and more.


Some projects and services built using GrimoireLab

Learn more about GrimoireLab


If you want to quickly and flexibly understand a set of open source software projects, give Augur a try! "Augur" is the core software, and "augur-community-reports", "augur-spdx" (for licensing), and "Auggie", which is a slack plugin for notifications that enables you to get push messages from Augur.

Want to get started right away without doing much work? Email a list of repository to GitHub/GitLab organizations to Augur at with the subject line "Augur Instance", and we will respond with a timeline within a day. The more repositories you request, the longer it takes to gather data (FYI).

Augur Components

  1. START HERE: Augur has a frontend web application, Python library and REST server that presents metrics on open source software development project health and sustainability.
  2. Augur now also includes, which provides Jupyter Notebooks that enable open source projects to ask questions of Augur's rich, validated GitHub and GitLab datasets.
  3. You can also now subscribe to slack notifications at from your Augur instance, at this link, which is located at the repository. We even have a GitHub Webpage, here: that consolidates the and development guide in a nifty, aesthetically pleasing template, sure to lure the real estate agent in your life.
  4. Augur License Risk Analysis:

Augur Results

  1. The Augur Medium Blog is located at
  2. Augur is the first CHAOSS Software Project with push notification
  3. Augur is the first CHAOSS Software Project to incorporate community reports that aggregate and synthesize atomic CHAOSS metrics into actionable information
  4. Augur has supported 15 undergraduate computer science students, 8 Google Summer of Code students and is committed to prototyping CHAOSS Metrics


  1. Core Augur Code →
  2. Documentation: Getting started with Augur -