Metrics and Metrics Models

CHAOSS metrics they are meant to answer one single question about the health of the community. Metrics models are collections of metrics that are brought together to provide deeper context and answer more complex questions about a community’s health.

Metrics Releases

CHAOSS metrics are identified and defined using a continuous contribution process. CHAOSS metrics were debated in working groups and underwent a 30-day comment period to ensure validity. This process has evolved over the life of the CHAOSS project as we used to have regular batch releases on a six-month cycle. A history of the prior release documents can be found here. Released metrics are only a subset of many possible metrics. CHAOSS acknowledges that more metrics exist and is working to identify and release new metrics in the future. If you want to learn more about metrics, suggest new metrics, and help define metrics, please visit our community page.

The CHAOSS project recognizes that there are ethical and legal challenges when using the metrics and software provided by the CHAOSS community. Ethical challenges exist around protecting community members and empowering them with their personal information. Legal challenges exist around GDPR and similar laws or regulations that protect the personal information of community members. Particular challenges may arise in the use that is specific to your context.

Search the Metrics and Models Knowledge Base

CHAOSS metrics and metrics models are indexed in the topic areas below. Topic areas describe the general context of the metric or metric model Metrics and metrics models may have more than one topic area. In addition to the provided indexing, metrics and metrics models are searchable by keywords.

Topic Areas