CHAOSS is a Linux Foundation project focused on creating metrics, metrics models, and software to better understand open source community health on a global scale. CHAOSS is an acronym for Community Health Analytics in Open Source Software.

CHAOSS group picture at OSSNA2017.

Open source software is critically important for both individuals and organizations. This  importance raises questions about how we understand the health of the open-source projects we rely on. Unhealthy projects can have negative impacts on the community involved in the project as well as organizations that rely on such projects. CHAOSS helps people who want to know more about the health of the open-source projects they are engaged with.

  • Open source contributors want to know where they should place their efforts and know that they are making an impact.
  • Open source communities want to attract new members, ensure consistent quality, and reward valuable members.
  • Open source companies want to know which communities to engage with, communicate the impact the organization has on the community, and evaluate the work of their employees within open source.
  • Open source foundations want to identify and respond to community needs, evaluate the impact of their work, and promote communities.

CHAOSS has two chapters: CHAOSS Africa and CHAOSS Asia-Pacific that help address the specific concerns regarding open source community health in their regions.


Establish metrics and models for measuring open source community health

Produce open source software and initiatives for measuring community health

Develop programs for the deployment of metrics not attainable through trace data

Work with industry partners to shape how we understand open source community health

CHAOSS History

The CHAOSS project was founded by researchers from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and the University of Missouri in partnership with the Linux Foundation and Bitergia.

CHAOSS Timeline

Friends of CHAOSS

The following organizations are not directly part of the CHAOSS project but represent (1) projects that use our metrics, metrics models, and software and (2) projects that we have worked closely with in their own open source community health journey. We love our friends!

SaaS Services Using CHAOSS metrics, metrics models, and/or software

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Projects that CHAOSS Recognizes as Critical for Open Source Community Health

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