CHAOSS Weekly (October 31-November 4, 2022)

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Weekly Newsletter (October 31-November 4, 2022)

Daylight Savings Time Change Alert! 

We are finishing up the dreaded “week in-between” when Europe recognizes Daylight Savings Time a week before the US. And if we weren’t all feeling disoriented enough, when (most of) the US moves clocks back an hour this weekend, it will affect all those who live in a place that keeps their clocks at the same time. In short, who even knows what time or day it is?  If you are not subscribed to the CHAOSS calendar or a member of the #general channel in the CHAOSS Slack, we hope you can catch up with us. All CHAOSS meetings are listed in US Central (Chicago) Time Zones, so please double-check the times of meetings in your area. Here is a handy tool to help you figure that out. We hope to see you soon!

Latest Release for GrimoireLab 

On Monday, the GrimoireLab team announced its latest release – version 0.7.0.  This version includes some package dependency updates, along with a few new features for interacting with Gitlab instances, to-date fetching, more GitHub contributor information and alias names, and a few bug fixes. The complete changelog can be seen on GitHub. Great work, GrimoireLab team!

New CHAOSScast Episode #68: Community Insights with Hedan Zeng (Part 1 of 2) 

This episode was so good, we had to break it into two parts! Our guest was Hedan Zeng, Director of Product Management at Common Room. Hedan joins host Georg Link and panelists Venia Logan and Sophia Vargas to talk about community metrics like membership, community responsiveness, and sentiment. They also talk about the philosophy of metrics, improving the quality of metrics, privacy and data sharing and listening versus automating. Listen to part 1 here:

OpenBench Workshop from CHAOSS Asia-Pacific

Several members from our CHAOSS Asia-Pacific Community are co-organizing OpenBench Workshop, a virtual conference around benchmarking metrics, and they invite you to join them! You can learn more about the conference on the OpenBench Workshop site. This virtual conference happens November 6, 2022 from 08:00 – 12:00 (UTC-5).

Upcoming Meetings

All calls use our CHAOSS community Zoom link: All meetings are listed in the US Central Time (Chicago) timezone, currently on Daylight Savings Time. (Convert into your local time here). You can also subscribe to the CHAOSS Calendar, or join the #general channel on Slack for meeting reminders.

Tuesday, November 8
9:00am  CHAOSS Office Hours for Newcomers (no agenda)
11:00am  CHAOSS Weekly Sync (Minutes and Agenda)
1:00pm  CHAOSS App Ecosystem WG (Minutes and Agenda)
6:00pm Metrics Model WG (Minutes and Agenda)
Wednesday, November 9
8:30am  DEI Badging Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
9:00am Communications Working Group (Minutes and Agenda)
10:00am  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion WG Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
Thursday, November 10
9:00am  CHAOSS Web Content Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
10:00am  Common Metrics Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)

Meetings (Open to All)

All meetings at:

Calendar at:

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