How to Participate in CHAOSS?

The CHAOSS community is dedicated to fostering an open and welcoming environment for contributors. Please read our Code of Conduct to learn more about participating in CHAOSS.

CHAOSS Community Calls

The CHAOSS community meets every Tuesday at 11am CT (usually 18:00 CET, check your local time) for one hour. Add to calendar (ICS file). -- Agenda and meeting minutes

The first Tuesday every month is a formal 'monthly call' for updates from committees, working groups, and broader community. The agenda for monthly meetings will be posted to the mailing list.

All other Tuesdays, we 'hangout' informally without agenda. The hangout provides a permanent and regular space for discussion. Topics include new metrics, how to interpret metrics, progress on software development, new features that would be nice, recaps from recent events, or community questions.

If you are new to CHAOSS, monthly calls are good for getting an update and the weekly hangouts are good for asking your specific questions.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Or Telephone: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or International numbers (Meeting ID: 720 431 288)

Common Metrics WG

The Common Metrics Working Group focuses on defining the metrics that are used by both working groups or are important for community health, but that do not cleanly fit into one of the other existing working groups.

The Common Metrics WG meets every other Thursday at 10:00am CT (usually 17:00 CET, check your local time) via Zoom -- Agenda and Meeting Minutes

Info about working group:

Growth Maturity and Decline WG

This Working Group focuses on Growth-Maturity-Decline metrics and software. The goal is to refine the metrics that inform Growth-Maturity-Decline and to work with software implementations.

The GMD working group meets every Wednesday at 9:30am CT (usually 16:30 CET, check your local time) via Zoom. -- Agenda and Meeting Minutes

The Compliance and Risk subgroup meets every other Tuesday / Wednesday at 7:00pm CT (usually 10:00am Japan, check your local time) via Zoom.

Info about working group:

Diversity and Inclusion WG

This working group aims at bringing together experiences measuring diversity and inclusion in open source projects. Its main goal focuses on understanding from a qualitative and quantitative point of view how diversity and inclusion can be measured.

The D&I working group meets every Monday at 9:30am CT (usually 16:30 CET, check your local time) via Zoom. -- Agenda and meeting minutes

Info about working group:

Join the D&I mailing list.

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