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What is CHAOSS?

Community Health Analytics in Open Source Software

CHAOSS is a Linux Foundation project focused on creating metrics, metrics models, and software to better understand open source community health on a global scale. CHAOSS is an acronym for Community Health Analytics in Open Source Software. Open source software is critically important for both individuals and organizations. This importance raises questions about how we understand the health of the open-source projects we rely on. Unhealthy projects can have negative impacts on the community involved in the project as well as organizations that rely on such projects.


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CHAOSS Weekly Newsletter

August 10, 2023 in Blog Post, News

Survey: Help the CHAOSS project improve our tools and metrics

We know our metrics and tools can be overwhelming, even for experienced open source professionals. As we ramp up our new CHAOSS Data Science Initiatives, we wanted to start by…
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August 4, 2023 in News

CHAOSSweekly (July 31-August 4, 2023)

Welcome CHAOSS's New Director of Data Science, Dr. Dawn Foster! We are beyond excited to now officially welcome Dr. Dawn Foster as our new Director of Data Science for CHAOSS!…
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