CHAOSS Weekly (March 28-April 1, 2022)

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Weekly Newsletter (March 28-April 1, 2022)

Metrics Release Update

Now that the 30-day public comment period is over and the Working Groups have made their final changes, there are a few minor tweaks to be made to all the metrics before the 2022-04 release. The release will happen in 1-2 weeks, so stay tuned! Thanks to all who provided final feedback and review. You all get many gold stars! ⭐️

CHAOSS Migrating From Mailing Lists Toward Forums

After much discussion, we have decided to move away from the traditional mailing list mode of communication and move toward a forum, to better facilitate open discussion and make it easier for newcomers to join conversations in progress. There is a committee of 10 who are working on this issue, with representation from a variety of the different parts of CHAOSS. We have an open ad-hoc Slack channel set up (#forum-migration-planning) so if you have experience migrating from mailing lists to Discourse, and you have feedback or advice we would love you to join us. We are just starting this journey! (And just for clarification, we will continue to use Slack for more immediate conversations and chat.)

Working Group Spotlight: DEI Working Group

This week in the Community Call, we heard updates from the DEI Working Group. This group looks at metrics that have relevance to diversity, equity, and inclusion within open source. A sub-group is focused on our DEI Event Badging Initiative.

This group included 2 new metrics candidates in the latest release:

  1. Project Demographics:
  2. Event Accessibility: (will also be added to the DEI Event Badging Initiative)

This group also has been experimenting with the GitHub Project Board as a way to organize and categorize incoming issues and to-dos. As well, there is work going on in this group around creating a more comprehensive approach to the various mentorship programs we participate in.

DEI Working Group meets every Wednesday at 10:00 am US Central/Chicago time and the next meeting is Wednesday, April 6. Hope to see you there!

Upcoming Meetings

All calls use our CHAOSS community Zoom link: All meetings are listed in the US Central Time (Chicago) timezone, currently on Daylight Savings Time. (Convert into your local time here).

Tuesday, April 5
9:00 am – Open Office Hours (no agenda)

10:00am – Evolution Working Group (Agenda & Minutes)

11:00am – Weekly Community Call (Agenda & Minutes)

Wednesday, April 6
8:00 am – Asia Pacific Community Call (Agenda & Minutes)

10:00am – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group Meeting (Agenda and Minutes)

Thursday, April 7
10:00am – Value Working Group Meeting (Agenda and Minutes)

1:00pm – Risk Working Group Meeting (Agenda and Minutes)

Meetings (Open to All)

All meetings at:

Calendar at:

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