CHAOSS Weekly (February 6-10, 2023)

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Weekly Newsletter (February 6-10, 2023)

CHAOSSconEU 2023 Wrap Up!

Thanks to all our friends who attended CHAOSSconEU 2023 in Brussels last week! Although the day was filled with interactive sessions and discussions, we recorded the panel discussion with Ildikó Váncsa, Dawn Foster, and Sean Goggins about implementing and using open source community health metrics in your context. You can find the recording on CHAOSStube.

Some other stats and observations from the conference:

  • We had 45 attendees in the morning session and about 30 for the afternoon software workshops
  • We are summarizing the notes from the breakout discussions and will share them with everyone
  • The venue was amazing, and we will try and use that venue again in the future if possible. Great views from the 8th floor!
  • As always, our swag was very popular
  • Next time we want to include a dedicated scribe to keep notes during the sessions that we can share with others

We are hoping to host CHAOSScon NA 2023 in Vancouver, BC in May, in conjunction with OSSNA. Stay tuned for details!

CHAOSS attendees acting silly in a group

Quickstart on Joining CHAOSS Discourse

If you haven’t heard, we are shifting a lot of our asynchronous strategic discussions away from the Mailing List onto CHAOSS Discourse. We don’t want you to miss out on those discussions! And you can absolutely use Discourse in an email-only interaction, so don’t worry if you’re hesitant to add one more thing to your list of places you have to keep tabs on. 🙂

Here’s your reminder to join Discourse if you haven’t, and a quick guide to joining:

  1. Go to and click on “Sign Up”
  2. You’ll get an email to activate and confirm your email address with Discourse
  3. Visit the START HERE post to get an overview of how we are using categories and tags to organize our conversations

For new users to Discourse, here is a great guide to getting started. If you’d like to have a little practice posting to the Discourse forum, you can add a reply to the Introductions thread. Hope to see you over on Discourse!

New Metric from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group: Public Health and Safety at Events

We have been collaborating with the folks at the Public Health Pledge to create a new metric that will help event organizers surface and think about their policies around masking, vaccinations, and COVID testing at events. So as not to duplicate efforts with their event badging, we will be incorporating a check for their badge in our badge application process. In other words, we will ask our event applicants to provide a link to the URL for the badge they received from the Public Health Pledge folks. We are super excited about this collaboration and not only will it result in a new metric, but it will also result in more visibility for this important inclusivity consideration at events. Thank you to Josh Simmons in particular for joining the DEI Working Group and leading these efforts! You can join our DEI Working group meetings or also join this conversation on Discourse if you’d like to chime in!

New Metrics Development Working Group 

Traditionally, the development of new metrics has happened in each individual working group. As conversations in those groups have become more high-level, and we have many metrics that are needed for metrics models and for specific users, we would like to create a group of folks who are dedicated to developing metrics across working groups as their main focus. This group would collaborate with the working groups to build out the metric, but they would make sure these metrics are pushed across the finish line.

We invite you to join the conversation on Discourse if you are interested in joining a group like this, or if you have comments or questions.

Next Onboarding Session for New Chaotics

The CHAOSS community continues to grow! To make the onboarding process a little easier, Elizabeth Barron (CHAOSS Community Manager) and Ruth Ikegah (CHAOSS Africa Community Lead) will be hosting the next Onboarding Session on March 1, 2023 at 11:00 am US Central/Chicago time. We know this time is not convenient for everyone, but this is just a start and we will add and iterate as we go.

This meeting will cover:

  • General overview of CHAOSS
  • How you can begin contributing
  • How to get started with using the metrics
  • Q&A

We hope you can join to meet other newcomers and learn about CHAOSS! You can convert to your time zone here.

Upcoming Meetings

All calls use our CHAOSS community Zoom link: All meetings are listed in the US Central Time (Chicago) timezone, currently on Daylight Savings Time. (Convert into your local time here). You can also subscribe to the CHAOSS Calendar, or join the #general channel on Slack for meeting reminders.

Monday, February 13
1:00am CHAOSS Asia-Pacific Community Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
7:00am Getting Started with Augur (no agenda)
9:30am Communications Working Group (Minutes and Agenda) (30 minute meeting)

❤️Tuesday, February 14❤️
9:00am CHAOSS Office Hours for Newcomers (no agenda)
11:00am CHAOSS Weekly Sync (Minutes and Agenda)
1:00pm App Ecosystem WG (Minutes and agenda)
6:00pm Metrics Model WG (Minutes and Agenda)

Wednesday, February 15
8:30am DEI Badging Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
10:00am Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion WG Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)

Thursday, February 16
9:00am  CHAOSS Web Content Meeting (Minutes and Agenda) (30 minute meeting)
9:30am Communications Working Group (Minutes and Agenda) (30 minute meeting)
10:00am  Common Metrics Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
1:00pm Risk Working Group (Minutes and Agenda)

Meetings (Open to All)

All meetings at:

Calendar at:

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