CHAOSS Weekly (August 22-26, 2022)

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Weekly Newsletter (August 22-26, 2022)

New CHAOSS Project: Interview Campaign with Underrepresented Groups

In the DEI Working Group, we have long acknowledged our own limited lens with which we view DEI metrics in open source. For a long time, we have been thinking about interviewing those not in the CHAOSS community, who are underrepresented in tech and have insight to share with us. Until now, we haven’t had a champion to take this project on and move forward with it. We are so grateful to Anita Ihuman for taking the lead on this project and driving its progress! Anita drafted an initial proposal, which is open to feedback from the community. She would also welcome your participation on this team. Here is the initial issue where the discussion and idea originated, so feel free to comment on the issue, comment on the proposal, or reach out to Anita on Slack if you would like to be a part of this important project.

CHAOSScast Episode #63: Revisiting Communities with Jono Bacon

In the latest episode of CHAOSScast, we have the pleasure of hosting Jono Bacon once again! Jono was a previous guest on CHAOSScast (#7!) and it was a joy to continue and revisit that conversation two years later. Jono joins hosts Georg Link and Venia Logan, and special guest Lori Goldman to talk about all things community management. Jono talks about the three key responsibilities of a Community Manager, and what the future looks like for the role. They also talk about tooling for community managers and how the future of Web3 fits into the picture. You won’t want to miss this episode, and you can listen right now by going to

Congratulations Outreachy Student Precious Onyewuchi! 

We wanted to extend a heartfelt congratulations to our Outreachy student Precious Onyewuchi for successfully completing her internship with CHAOSS! Precious’s project was to make Augur documentation more inclusive and easier for newcomers. Not only did she submit many helpful PRs improving the documentation, she extended her CHAOSS community participation in a variety of ways. Precious regularly attended and even facilitated a few DEI Working Group meetings, and reviewed a few of our older DEI metrics. She regularly attends the CHAOSS and CHAOSS Africa community meetings and has been a friendly face by consistently welcoming our new contributors. Sean Goggins and Elizabeth Barron were her mentors and both sincerely hope she is able to continue her participation with the CHAOSS community! It’s been awesome having her here. You can read about her CHAOSS journey on her blog. Congratulations, Precious!

New Evolution WG Lead: Armstrong Foundjem

In the interest of giving others the opportunity to lead here at CHAOSS, we are switching up the Evolution Working Group leadership.  We want to extend a big thank you to Sean Goggins for leading the Evolution WG for the past few years, and to Armstrong Foundjem for stepping in to be the new lead! Armstrong has been a longtime participant in CHAOSS and the Evolution WG, and sits on our Board of Directors. Although leadership is changing for this group, at this time, meeting time and date will remain the same. The Evolution WG discusses metrics related to project lifecycle, and is one of the oldest groups we have. If you’d like to join, this group meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 10:00 am US Central (right before the Weekly Community call). Hope you can make it!

Upcoming Meetings

All calls use our CHAOSS community Zoom link: All meetings are listed in the US Central Time (Chicago) timezone, currently on Daylight Savings Time. (Convert into your local time here). You can also subscribe to the CHAOSS Calendar, or join the #general channel on Slack for meeting reminders.

Tuesday, August 30
7:00am Augur Related Mentoring Projects (no agenda)
9:00am  CHAOSS Office Hours for Newcomers (no agenda)
11:00am  CHAOSS Weekly Sync (Minutes and Agenda)
1:00pm  CHAOSS App Ecosystem WG (Minutes and Agenda)
6:00pm Metrics Model WG (Minutes and Agenda)
Wednesday, August 31
8:30am  DEI Badging Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
10:00am  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion WG Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
Thursday, September 1
7:00am  Augur Related Mentoring Projects General meeting (no agenda)
9:00am  CHAOSS Web Content Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
10:00am  Common Metrics Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)

Meetings (Open to All)

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