CHAOSS Weekly (August 14-18 , 2022)

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Weekly Newsletter (August 14-18, 2022)

CHAOSScon Schedule Released

We have released the schedule for CHAOSScon, happening on September 12, 2022, in Dublin Ireland in conjunction with Open Source Summit Europe. There will be a mixture of in-person talks (20 minutes), pre-recorded talks (10 minutes), and lightning talks (5 minutes). We hope to be able to live stream the conference, but that is still in the works. You can check out the schedule here:, and you can register for the conference as an add-on to OSSEU here:

Volunteer Opportunity: CHAOSScon Streaming

We are looking for a volunteer who will be attending CHAOSScon in person, with experience in streaming video, to assist us in setting up this service for our remote attendees. If you would like to help our A/V team with this, please reach out to Matt Germonprez or Sean Goggins on slack. We are grateful for your help!

New Project Opportunity: Interview Campaign with Underrepresented Groups

In the DEI Working Group, there has been an idea in the works for a long time, but until now we didn’t have a champion for this project to lead it and move forward with implementing it. Thanks to Anita Ihuman, we now have that person! The idea is to interview a diverse set of people not in the CHAOSS community to get their feedback on our current metrics and what we might be missing. Because we are always limited by our own lens, this type of interview-based research will help us strengthen our DEI metrics, and help identify gaps and new metrics we have not yet considered. If you would like to help participate in this project, please reach out to Anita on Slack, or mention your interest in the project in the #wg-diversity-inclusion Slack channel or on the original GitHub issue. You can also offer feedback on Anita’s proposal. Huge thank you to Anita for moving this forward!

Upcoming Meetings

All calls use our CHAOSS community Zoom link: All meetings are listed in the US Central Time (Chicago) timezone, currently on Daylight Savings Time. (Convert into your local time here). You can also subscribe to the CHAOSS Calendar, or join the #general channel on Slack for meeting reminders.

Tuesday, August 23
9:00am CHAOSS Office Hours for Newcomers (no agenda)
10:00am Evolution Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
11:00am CHAOSS Weekly Sync (Minutes and Agenda)
Wednesday, August 24
8:00am Asia – Pacific CHAOSS Community Call (Minutes and Agenda)
10:00am Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
Thursday, August 25
7:00am Augur Related Mentoring Projects General Meeting (no agenda)
9:00am CHAOSS Africa Community Call (Minutes and Agenda)
10:00am Value Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
1:00pm Risk Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)
Saturday, August 27
7:00am CHAOSS Software Tutoring, Hacking, and Commiserating (no agenda)

Meetings (Open to All)

All meetings at:

Calendar at:

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