CHAOSS Weekly Newsletter

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Things are rolling with this year’s Google Summer of Code. Make sure to check out (and comment on!) the work that the students are doing. You can track what they are up to on their blogs:

Parth Sharma:
Bingwen Ma:
Aniruddha Karajgi:
Nishchith Shetty:

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CHAOSS Weekly Newsletter

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With respect to Grimoire Lab, version 0.2.22 was launched last week. This release is the first one that officially includes Graal, a generic repository analyzer. This is the first step to make the platform handle the data produced by this tool.

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CHAOSS Weekly Newsletter

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CHAOSS is participating in the 2019 Grace Hopper Open Source Day ( Sean and Carter from the Augur team will lead a session on October 3, 2019. This is a great opportunity for CHAOSS to be involved in this fantastic event!

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New GrimoireLab release: 18.09-02

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We have a new release of GrimoireLab, 18.09-02, corresponding to grimoirelab-0.1.2 (the main Python package).

This release includes full support Mattermost and GoogleHits, some improvements in the Kibiter UI and panels, some bug fixes and minor new features.

The corresponding packages have been uploaded to pypi (so they’re installable with pip). I’ve tested most of the examples in the GrimoireLab Tutorial with this new release, and everything seems to work. Please, report any problem you may find.

As usual, this release of pypi packages was generated with docker containers, to ensure platform independence. You can install all the packages just with:

$ pip install grimoirelab

Remember that now we also have a new grimoirelab package, that pulls all the Python packages for the release. So, installation is easier, and traceability too: for knowing the GrimoireLab release, just run

$ grimoirelab -v
GrimoireLab 0.1.2

The tag you get (0.1.2 in this case) corresponds to a certain release file (18.09-02 in this case), and specific commits and Python package versions.

We have also produced four Docker images available in DockerHub, all of them with the tags :18.09-02 and :latest. You can pull and run them straight away:

  • grimoirelab/factory: for creating the Python packages
  • grimoirelab/installed: with GrimoireLab installed
  • grimoirelab/full: grimoirelab/installed plus services needed to produce a dashboard, by default produces a dashboard of the CHAOSS project.
  • grimoirelab/secured: grimoirelab/full plus access control and SSL for access to Kibiter

If you want to use or help to debug the containers, have a look at the docker directory in the chaoss/grimoirelab repository.

The list of new stuff is in the NEWS file (check all changes since 18.08-01, which was the latest release with packages in pypi).

Call for Feedback!

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Draft of Goal-Metrics for Diversity & Inclusion in Open Source (CHAOSS)

By Emma Irwin

In the last few months, Mozilla has invested in collaboration with other open source project leaders and academics who care about improving diversity & inclusion in Open Source through the CHAOSS D&I working group. READ MORE

CHAOSS at Open Source Leadership Summit 2018

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Want to know more about Community Health and Analytics? Join CHAOSS at the Open Source Leadership Summit March 6th to 8th, 2018.

The CHAOSS community was formed as result of a Birds-of-a-Feather on Community Health Analytics at the Open Source Leadership Summit 2017. Come see what we have been up to and be a part of defining and creating tools to analyze community health.

Past Events

Open Source Summit Europe (October 23 – 26, 2017: Prague, Czech Republic)

  • CHAOSS project breakout session; Tuesday (Oct. 24th) at 12pm – 5pm local time; Room London
CHAOSS group picture at OSSEU2017.

CHAOSS group picture at OSSEU2017.

Open Source Summit North America (September 11-14, 2017: Los Angeles, CA)

CHAOSS group picture at OSSNA2017.

CHAOSS group picture at OSSNA2017.

CHAOSSCon + GrimoireCon Europe 2018

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Meet the CHAOSS and GrimoireLab community in Brussels, Belgium on February 2nd, 2018. Come be a part of building, defining, and using tools for open source communities to track and analyze their development activities, community health, and diversity.

CHAOSSCon + GrimoireCon Europe will highlight CHAOSS and GrimoireLab updates, use cases, and feature hands-on workshops for developers, community managers, and project managers.

The workshops will cover the basic training for using open source GrimoireLab toolkit for analyzing software development processes to manage them through metrics and KPIs.

Community managers, software development managers, developers, and anyone involved in open source and inner source software development will learn through real examples how to set up and use GrimoireLab for their specific needs.

Come help define the metric of community growth/maturity/decline in BOF

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Come help define the metric of community growth/maturity/decline in BOF: Community Health Analytics for Open Source on Monday Sept. 11 5:40pm at Open Source Summit North America. This BoF is for those interested in community health and sustainability. An ongoing challenge for open source communities and participating organizations is to objectively understand issues related to community health. Community leaders, open source foundations, and organizations are putting an effort into understanding healthy and sustainable communities but are lacking cohesive and common measures and tools to assess such issues. The Linux Foundation Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software (CHAOSS) project will organize the BoF with the goal to advance the new project and further the development of objective health metrics. In particular, we will spend the time exploring how members understand and describe the particular composite metric of community growth/maturity/decline.

There will be a continuation of this session on Tuesday, Sept. 11 from 2-4pm for those wanting to continue the discussion.   Details will be announced at the Monday BOF.

Learn more about Community Health Analytics Open Source Software (CHAOSS)

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Learn more about Community Health Analytics Open Source Software (CHAOSS):  An Open Source Community for Advancing Project Transparency OSS on Monday Sept. 11 at Open Source Summit North America.  CHAOSS is a new Linux Foundation project aimed at producing integrated, open source software for analyzing software development, and definition of standards and models used in that software in specific use cases and establishing implementation-agnostic metrics for measuring community activity, contributions, and health. The CHAOSS community will help improve transparency of key project metrics, contributing to improve the project itself as well as helping third parties make informed decisions when engaging with projects.