Issue Response Time

Question: How much time passes between the opening of an issue and a response in the issue thread from another contributor?


This metric is an indication of how much time passes between the opening of an issues and a response from other contributors.

This metric is a specific case of the Time to First Reponse metric in the Common working group.


Learn about the responsiveness of an open source community.



  • Average. Average response time in days.
  • Median. Median response time in days.


  • Period of time. Start and finish date of the period. Default: forever.
  • Period during which responses are counted.


  • response from role in project (e.g., first maintainer response)
  • bot versus human (e.g., filter out automated “welcome first contributor messages”)
  • opened by role in project (e.g., responsiveness to new contributors versus long-timers)
  • date issue was opened
  • status of issue (e.g., only look at currently open issues)


Example visualization from GrimoireLab

Tools Providing the Metric

Data Collection Strategies

Look at the Issues New metric for a definiton of “issues.” Subtract the issue opened timestamp from the first response timestamp. Do not count responses if created by the author of the issue.