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CHAOSS Specific Terms

Open Source Community Health

The potential that an open-source software community continues developing quality software.

Open Source Software Metric

The open-source software metric within the CHAOSS project is a documented way of measuring and tracking the success of any open-source software/community. Read more about Open Source Software Metric

Metric Release

The release of CHAOSS metrics represents the published work being done by CHAOSS Metrics Working Groups.

Focus Area

The focus area is a set of goals around which any open source software metric is defined. Inside CHAOSS, there are different Working Groups who have defined their own focus area around specific metrics.


CHAOSScon is a conference organized by CHAOSS Community usually twice a year focused on open source project health, CHAOSS updates, use cases, and hands-on workshops for developers, community managers, project managers, and anyone interested in measuring open source project health.


The CHAOSS Community podcast that elevates conversations about metrics, analytics, and software for measuring open source community health. Read more about CHAOSScast.


CHAOSSbog is the CHAOSS community blog hub hosted on the website for which anyone can contribute to getting published on the CHAOSS website. You can find CHAOSSblog here


It is the central directory - Youtube, where you can find all the recorded community meeting calls that are held within the CHAOSS Community. You can find them here

📰 CHAOSSweekly

It is the directory where all the weekly newsletters are hosted. Read more about CHAOSSweekly

Working Groups

A group of people working together to achieve a specific goal. Within the CHAOSS community, these are established and maintained by project contributors to advance project work. Working Groups focus on a specific metric, methodological, ethical, and technical issues associated with open source community health.


Several abbreviations are used within the documentation, website, or Github repositories. Below are the abbreviations with their full forms:

  • CHAOSS - Community Health Analytics Open Source Software
  • WG - Working Group
  • DEI - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • GB - Governance Board
  • CoC - Code of Conduct
  • GSoC - Google Summer of Code
  • GSoD - Google Season of Docs
  • LF - The Linux Foundation

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