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Upcoming Release 202008

CHAOSS metrics are identified and defined using a continuous release process. The metrics are officially released biannually following a 30 day comment period. To contribute to the release or comment on metrics under review, please follow the links provided in the working group tables located below.

To obtain a pdf copy of previous releases or see what is new in this release please visit the release notes page.

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Metrics on this page were debated in working groups and undergo a 30 day comment period to increase validity. Released metrics are only a subset of many possible metrics. CHAOSS acknowledges that more metrics exist and is working to identify and release new metrics in the future. If you would like to learn more about metrics, suggest new metrics, and or help define metrics please visit the working group repositories.

The CHAOSS project recognizes that there are ethical and legal challenges when using the metrics and software provided by the CHAOSS community. The particular challenges arise in the use that is specific to your context.

  • Ethical challenges exist around protecting community members and empowering them with their personal information.

  • Legal challenges exist around GDPR and similar laws or regulations that protect personal information of community members.

Focus Areas by Working Group

CHAOSS metrics are sorted into Focus Areas. CHAOSS uses a Goal-Question-Metric format to present metrics. Individual metrics are released based on identified goals and questions. The metrics include a detail page with definitions, objectives, and examples.

Common Metrics WG

Diversity and Inclusion WG

Evolution WG

Risk WG

Value WG

Important Dates for Release 202008

202008 Release Freeze: July 1st, 2020
202008 Public Comment Period: July 1st, 2020 to July 31st, 2020
202008 Official Metrics Release Date: First week of August 2020

Common Metrics

Common Metrics Repository:

Focus Area - What

Understand what contributions from organizations and people are being made.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Types of Contributions
Under Review
What types of contributions are being made? Issue #56

Focus Area - When

Understand when contributions from organizations and people are happening.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Activity Dates and Times What are the dates and timestamps of when contributor activities occur?
Time to First Response How much time passes between when an activity requiring attention is created and the first response?
Time to Close
Under Review
How much time passes between creating and closing an operation such as an issue, review, or support ticket? Issue #63

Focus Area - Who

Understand organizational and personal engagement with open source projects.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Contributors Who are the contributors to a project?
Contributor Location
Under Review
Who are the contributors to a project? Issue #71
Organizational Diversity What is the organizational diversity of contributions?

Diversity and Inclusion

D&I Repository:

Focus Area - Event Diversity

Identify the diversity and inclusion at events.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Attendee Demographics How diverse and inclusive are the attendees?
Code of Conduct at Event How does the Code of Conduct for events support diversity and inclusion?
Diversity Access Tickets How are Diversity Access Tickets used to support diversity and inclusion for an event?
Family Friendliness How does enabling families to attend together support diversity and inclusion of the event?
Speaker Demographics How well does the speaker lineup for the event represent a diverse set of demographics and can be improved in the future?

Focus Area - Governance

Identify how diverse and inclusive project governance is.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Board/Council Diversity What is the diversity within our governing board or council?
Code of Conduct for Project How does the Code of Conduct for the project support diversity and inclusion?

Focus Area - Leadership

Identify how healthy community leadership is.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Inclusive Leadership
Under Review
How well is a project setup for diverse leadership? Issue #292
Mentorship How effective are our mentorship programs at supporting diversity and inclusion in our project?
Sponsorship How effective are long-time members who sponsor people in supporting diversity and inclusion in a community?

Focus Area - Project and Community

Identify how diverse and inclusive our project places, where community engagement occurs, are.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Documentation Usability
Under Review
What is the usability of documentation from content and structure perspectives? Issue 288
Issue Label Inclusivity
Under Review
How well are project issues labeled to invite new contributors, skilled contributors, non-code contributors, and other types of contributors? Issue 291


Evolution Repository:

Scope: Aspects related to how the source code changes over time, and the mechanisms that the project has to perform and control those changes.

Focus Area - Code Development Activity

Learn about the types and frequency of activities involved in developing code.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Code Changes What changes were made to the source code during a specified period?
Code Changes Lines What is the sum of the number of lines touched (lines added plus lines removed) in all changes to the source code during a certain period?

Focus Area - Code Development Efficiency

Learn how efficiently activities around code development get resolved.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Reviews Accepted How many accepted reviews are present in a code change?
Reviews Declined What reviews of code changes ended up declining the change during a certain period?
Reviews Duration What is the duration of time between the moment a code review starts and moment it is accepted?

Focus Area - Code Development Process Quality

Learn about the processes to improve/review quality that are used (for example: testing, code review, tagging issues, tagging a release, time to response, CII Badging).

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Under Review
What new review requests for changes to the source code occurred during a certain period? Issue #337

Focus Area - Issue Resolution

Identify how effective the community is at addressing issues identified by community participants.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Issues New What are the number of new issues created during a certain period?
Issues Active What is the count of issues that showed activity during a certain period?
Issues Closed What is the count of issues that were closed during a certain period?
Issue Age What is the average time that open issues have been open?
Issue Response Time How much time passes between the opening of an issue and a response in the issue thread from another contributor?
Issue Resolution Duration How long does it take for an issue to be closed?

Focus Area - Community Growth

Identify the size of the project community and whether it is growing, shrinking, or staying the same.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Inactive Contributors
Under Review
How many Contributors have gone inactive over a specific period of time? Issue #357
New Contributors
Under Review
How many contributors are closing issues for the first time? Issue #329
New Contributors Closing Issues How many contributors are making their first contribution to a given project and who are they?


Risk Repository:

Focus Area - Business Risk

Understand how active a community exists around/to support a given software package.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Committers How robust and diverse are the contributors to a community?
Elephant Factor
What is the distribution of work in the community? Issue #102

Focus Area - Code Quality

Understand the quality of a given software package.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Test Coverage How well is the code tested?

Focus Area - Licensing

Understand the potential intellectual property(IP) issues associated with a given software package’s use.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
License Coverage How much of the code base has declared licenses?
License Declared What are the declared software package licenses?
OSI Approved Licenses What percentage of a project’s licenses are OSI approved open source licenses?

Focus Area - Security

Understand how transparent a given software package is with respect to dependencies, licensing (?), security processes, etc.

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
CII Best Practices badge What is the current CII Best Practices status for the project?


Value Repository:

The value working group is undergoing a restructuring. All previously released metrics are being revised and will be released within the new focus group structure. Please leave comments on the new focus areas in Issue #95

Focus Area - Communal Value

Understand if the project valuable to its community of users (including downstream projects) or contributors?

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Project Velocity What is the development speed for an organization?
Social Currency Metric System (SCMS)
How does one measure the value of community interactions and accurately gauge “trust” within a community as evident from qualitative sentiment? Issue #75

Focus Area - Individual Value

Understand if the project is valuable to an individual user or contributor?

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Organizational Project Skill Demand How many organizations are using this project and could hire me if I become proficient?
Job Opportunities How many job postings request skills with technologies from a project?

Focus Area - Organizational Value

Understand the projects monetarily Value from an organizations perspective?

Metric/Details Question Provide Feedback
Labor Investment What was the cost of an organization for its employees to create the counted contributions (e.g., commits, issues, and pull requests)?

CHAOSS contributors include:

Ahmed Zerouali, Akshita Gupta, Amanda Brindle, Alberto Martín, Alberto Pérez García-Plaza, Alexander Serebrenik, Alexandre Courouble, Alolita Sharma, Alvaro del Castillo, Ahmed Zerouali, Ana Jimenez Santamaria, Andre Klapper, Andrea Gallo, Andy Grunwald, Andy Leak, Aniruddha Karajgi, Anita Sarma, Ankit Lohani, Ankur Sonawane, Anna Buhman, Armstrong Foundjem, Atharva Sharma, Ben Lloyd Pearson, Benjamin Copeland, Bingwen Ma, Boris Baldassari, Bram Adams, Brian Proffitt, Camilo Velazquez Rodriguez, Carol Chen, Carter Landis, Chris Clark, Christian Cmehil-Warn, Damien Legay, Dani Gellis, Daniel German, Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar, David A. Wheeler, David Moreno, David Pose, Dawn Foster, Derek Howard, Don Marti, Drashti, Dylan Marcy, Eleni Constantinou, Emma Irwin, Fil Maj, Gabe Heim, Georg J.P. Link, Gil Yehuda, Harish Pillay, Harshal Mittal, Henri Yandell, Henrik Mitsch, Ildiko Vancsa, Jacob Green, Jaice Singer Du Mars, Jason Clark, Javier Luis Cánovas Izquierdo, Jeff McAffer, Jeremiah Foster, Jessica Wilkerson, Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona, Jocelyn Matthews, Johan, Johan Linåker, John Mertic, Jon Lawrence, Jonathan Lipps, Jono Bacon, Jordi Cabot, Jose Manrique Lopez de la Fuente, Joshua R. Simmons, Josianne Marsan, Kate Stewart, Keanu Nichols, Kevin Lumbard, Kristof Van Tomme, Lars, Laura Gaetano, Lawrence Hecht, Leslie Hawthorne, Luis Cañas-Díaz, Luis Villa, Lukasz Gryglicki, Mark Matyas, Martin Coulombe, Matthew Broberg, Matt Germonprez, Matt Snell, Michael Downey, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Mike Wu, Neil Chue Hong, Nick Vidal, Nicole Huesman, Nishchith K Shetty, Nithya Ruff, Parth Sharma, Patrick Masson, Peter Monks, Pranjal Aswani, Prodromos Polychroniadis, Quan Zhou, Ray Paik, Remy DeCausemaker, Robert Lincoln Truesdale III, Robert Sanchez, Rupa Dachere, Saloni Garg, Saleh Motaal, Samantha Logan, Santiago Dueñas, Sarvesh Mehta, Sarah Conway, Sean P. Goggins, Shane Curcuru, Sharan Foga, Shreyas, Stefano Zacchiroli, Thom DeCarlo, Tobie Langel, Tom Mens, UTpH, Valerio Cosentino, Venu Vardhan Reddy Tekula, Vicky Janicki, Victor Coisne, Vinod Ahuja, Vipul Gupta, Will Norris, Xavier Bol, Zibby Keaton

Are you eligible to be on this list? You are if you helped in any capacity, for example: Filed an issue. Created a Pull Request. Gave feedback on our work. Please open an issue or post on the mailing list if we've missed anyone.

CHAOSS Governing Board members at time of release:

  • Andrea Gallo, Linaro
  • Ben Lloyd Pearson, Nylas
  • Brian Proffitt, Red Hat
  • Daniel Izquierdo, Bitergia
  • Daniel M. German, University of Victoria
  • Dawn Foster, Pivotal
  • Don Marti, Mozilla
  • Georg Link, Bitergia
  • Ildikó Vancsa, OpenStack
  • Kate Stewart, Linux Foundation
  • Matt Germonprez, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Nicole Huesman, Intel
  • Ray Paik, GitLab
  • Sean Goggins, University of Missouri
  • Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation

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