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Community Health Reports

By September 18, 2020October 5th, 2021No Comments

Free Open Source Community Health Reports Now Available

Interested in getting a better understanding of community health for your open source projects? The CHAOSS project is proud to now offer a one-page community health report free of charge. 🎉

This one-page PDF offers insights into the health of one of your GitHub or GitLab repositories through the following metrics:

  • Mean Duration (Days) of All Closed Pull Requests
  • Number of Open and Closed Issues over Time
  • Fly-by and Repeat Contributor Counts per Month
  • Activity Dates and Times

While these insights touch on only a few of the 46 vetted metrics CHAOSS has developed, we think these high-level metrics are useful in starting to develop an overall picture of the general health of your open source project.

You can request a copy of your community health report here, and we appreciate any feedback you have!