CHAOSSweekly (June 19-23, 2023)

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No Meetings July 4, 2023

In light of the July 4 US Holiday, we have canceled all the meetings for that day. This includes the:

  • Metrics Models Working Group
  • Newcomer Hangout
  • Weekly Community Meeting
  • App Ecosystem Working Group

All other meetings will occur as regularly scheduled that week.

App Ecosystem Taking a Break July-August

There will be no meetings for the App Ecosystem working group in July and August, as this group has decided to take a break. Meetings will resume on September 12, 2023, and the future direction of the group will be discussed. Feel free to join if you would like to be a part of the group’s restart.

DEI Event Badger Orientation June 27

If you are interested in becoming a new Badger for our DEI Event Badging program, there is an orientation scheduled for June 27, 2023 at 12:00 US Central / Chicago time (right after the Weekly Community Call). You don’t have to register for this orientation and you can simply show up. If you’d like to be included on the invitation, so that it’s added to your personal calendar, just let Elizabeth Barron know.

Let’s Celebrate our CHAOTIC of the Week: Maryblessing Okolie

Maryblessing Okolie

A little about Maryblessing:

I am first Igbo (this is a tribe in Nigeria), but I am based in the western part of Nigeria, in Lagos. Before becoming a community manager, I was a Flutter developer. I tried it for a few months and figured I couldn’t deal with the bugs ?. But most importantly, I realised I was just a people’s person and really loved to speak, make people happy in communities, and just have lots of fun while at it.

Currently, I manage the largest community for African women; we have members in over 22 African countries, and it’s been a joy supporting their growth in the community. My day-to-day work ranges from regular engagement, planning and hosting events, having strategies to effectively manage each working part of the community, and a lot more. I wear so many hats as a community manager, and I have to show up regardless of anything going on. It’s fun! If you’re looking to connect, we can do so on LinkedIn. I also do not mind a recommendation from you ?.

When I’m not working, I see my favorite anime, read a novel, play video games or rest my head. I am a big fan of cats.

What Maryblessing works on at CHAOSS:

My work in CHAOSS is centered on creating metrics that help understand the health of open source communities. I majorly contribute through the DEI and communications working groups, spending most of my time in the DEI wg. Participating in the meetings, paying keen attention, and making meaningful suggestions. Also, badging open source events through the DEI working group event badging initiative. I have enjoyed working with everyone in these working groups, and I have learned a lot from these experiences.

Currently, I am honored to lead the CHAOSS Tour Guide program, a program where we hope to create a more engaged, welcoming, and supportive community where new chaotics feel valued and supported. The program provides new members with experienced members who can serve as guides, providing them with personalized support using community resources.

Also, I recently co-organised the CHAOSSCon Africa, where I played key roles like handling the event schedule, working closely with the speaker management team and the Chaoss Africa communications wg to create pre-event activities, and most importantly, having the privilege to emcee the event. CHAOSS has been an incredible community for me, and I am thankful for the warmth and enabling environment it has. I am going to write about my CHAOSSCon Africa experience soon; you should subscribe to my blog here.

Maryblessing’s advice to newcomers to open source:

  • First, you belong here, no matter how technical or non-technical you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. So, find something in line with your goals, something relevant to you, and get on it.
  • When you do find the ‘right’ project/community for you, pay more attention and show up more. Listen more and contribute slowly but steadily. 
  • Volunteer to take on tasks; don’t always wait for them to come to you.
  • Lastly, ask questions. It doesn’t hurt to ask questions. It helps understand the community and project better. Only then will you know how to come in and be more valuable.

Special thanks from Elizabeth and the CHAOSS Community:

Maryblessing came into this community almost a year ago, and from the very beginning was contributing to our community by welcoming other newcomers. She has consistently helped newcomers find their way ever since, and it’s been such a huge help to have her be that friendly face that says hello. When we were looking for someone to lead the Tour Guides program, Maryblessing was the first person to come to mind, because of all the work she had already been doing around inclusion and hospitality toward new CHAOTICS. We are so thankful she agreed to work on this! Maryblessing consistently shows up at the Newcomer Hangout, she attends several working groups and has been a very active part of the CHAOSS Africa chapter. She is also one of our Badgers, helping create more inclusive and welcoming open source events. Her work spans almost every piece of CHAOSS and we are so grateful to have her community management experience and expertise as an addition to all that we do here. Thank you for everything, Maryblessing! Your dedication to making our community a more welcoming place has been felt by virtually every new CHAOTIC since you arrived. ❤️

If anyone wants to connect with Maryblessing you can find her on LinkedIn or her personal blog.

Meeting Summaries and Recordings

Here are the summaries for this week’s meetings and links to the recordings. If we can make this easier to access or more informative please let Elizabeth Barron know!

Upcoming Meetings

All calls use our CHAOSS Community Zoom link ( All meetings listed here are in US Central / Chicago Time Zone, currently on Daylight Savings Time (UTC -5). (The exception to this is the CHAOSS Asia Pacific meeting which coincides with China Standard Time, so it does not change with Daylight Savings). You can convert to your local time here. You can also subscribe to the CHAOSS Calendar or watch for meeting reminders that are posted daily in the #general channel in Slack.

Tuesday, June 27

9:00 am Newcomer Hangout (no agenda)

11:00 am CHAOSS Weekly Community Call (Minutes and Agenda)

12:00 pm New DEI Badger Orientation (no agenda)

Wednesday, June 28

8:30 am Community Knowledgebase Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)

10:00 am DEI Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)

11:00 am University OSPO Working Group (Minutes and Agenda)

Thursday, June 29

9:00 am CHAOSS Africa Community Call (Minutes and Agenda)

11:00 am OSPO Working Group (Minutes and Agenda)

12:00 pm Scientific Software Working Group (Minutes and Agenda)

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