CHAOSSweekly (July 17-21, 2023)

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Thank you, FOSSY!

FOSSY was a wonderful conference and the first time we had an official CHAOSS booth presence. We introduced lots of folks to CHAOSS and caught up with a lot of old friends as well. We came back with some ideas about how we can improve the booth for the next conference and some excellent insights as to how folks are using and thinking about open source community metrics. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hello!

Context Working Group Liaisons Needed

We are currently looking for help with a Context Working Group Liaison Role. In our #general Slack channel, Matt Germonprez explains what we’re looking for exactly:

As part of CHAOSS we currently have three different groups considering metrics and metrics models in their own particular context. The current groups include:

1. Corporate Open Source Program Offices

2. University Open Source Efforts

3. Scientific Software Efforts

Matt goes on to say:

In each of these groups, we ask participants to speak about the different metrics and metrics models that could support work in their particular context. As part of this, we have the actual creation of metrics and metrics models done in the CHAOSS Common WG — so members of the three different groups don’t have to spend too much time in the details associated with metrics/model creation.As such, we could use a few community members as liaisons between the different groups listed above and the CHAOSS Common WG. What would this entail?

  1. 1-2 liaisons for each of the groups listed above (total of six liaisons)
  2. You would attend meeting for the group you are a liaison for (i.e., Scientific Software) as well as the CHAOSS Common WG meeting. This would be about 4 meetings per month.
  3. You would listen to the conversation that is happening in your respective context group (i.e., Scientific Software) and identify/document when the group has identified new metrics/models that need to be developed.
  4. You would bring the metrics/models ideas to the CHAOSS Common WG and talk about them in that meeting.
  5. Once it is decided that a new metric/model needs to be developed, you would create a preliminary draft of the metric/model, using existing templates.
  6. The metric/model would then be iterated on between your group (i.e., Scientific Software) and the Common WG — collaboratively developing the metric/model.

If you have questions, please ask them in the #general channel, or reach out to Matt G or Elizabeth Barron. 

Meeting Summaries

Here are the summaries for this week’s meetings and links to the recordings. If we can make this easier to access or more informative please let Elizabeth Barron know!

Upcoming Meetings

All calls use our CHAOSS Community Zoom link ( All meetings listed here are in US Central / Chicago Time Zone, currently on Daylight Savings Time (UTC -5). You can convert to your local time here. You can also subscribe to the CHAOSS Calendar or watch for meeting reminders that are posted daily in the #general channel in Slack.

Tuesday, July 25

4:00 am CHAOSS Africa Developer Meeting (no agenda)

8:00 am Getting Started with Augur Workshop (no agenda)

9:00 am Newcomer Hangout (no agenda)

11:00 am CHAOSS Weekly Community Call (Minutes and Agenda)

Wednesday, July 26

8:30 am Community Knowledgebase Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)

10:00 am DEI Working Group Meeting (Minutes and Agenda)

11:00 am University OSPO Working Group (Minutes and Agenda)

Thursday, July 27

9:00 am CHAOSS Africa Community Call (Minutes and Agenda)

10:00 am Scientific Software Working Group (Minutes and Agenda)

11:00 am OSPO Working Group (Minutes and Agenda)

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