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Unlocking Insights: Practitioner Guides for Interpreting Open Source Metrics

By April 30, 2024No Comments
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I am thrilled to announce that we have just launched a series of Practitioner Guides to help people develop meaningful open source project health insights. 

Today, we have released the first four guides in the series:

These guides are designed to be used by practitioners who may or may not be experts in data analysis or open source. The goal is to help people understand how to interpret the data about an open source project to develop insights that can help improve the project health of that open source project. The Practitioner Guides are for Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs), project leads, community managers, maintainers, and anyone who wants to better understand project health and take action on what they learn from their metrics. Each guide contains details about how to identify trends, diagnose potential issues, gather additional data, make improvements in your project and monitor the results of those improvements. 

We have more guides being developed already, and we welcome your contributions! You can propose a new guide, author a guide someone else has suggested, or submit a pull request to make our existing guides even better!

These guides are being developed within the CHAOSS Data Science Working Group. We have a Slack channel and meet every other week to talk about a wide range of data topics, so I hope you’ll join us!