Event Diversity - Family Friendliness

Question: How does enabling families to attend together support diversity and inclusion of the event?


Family friendliness at events can lower the barrier of entry for some attendees by allowing them to bring their family. This could include childcare, activities for children, or tracks at the event targeted at youths and families.


  • An open source project wants to know whether an event is inclusive for attendees with families.
  • An event organizer wants to know whether inviting people who are caregivers know about the availability of these family-oriented activities.
  • A parent, guardian, or caregiver with children under the age of 18, want to know if they can bring their children.
  • A parent, guardian, or caregiver, with children under the age of 18, with no option, but to bring their children, evaluate their ability to attend as a family.


Data Collection Strategies

  • Interview conference staff

    • Question: What services does the conference have for attendees who have children to take care of?
    • Question: Do you have a mother’s room? If yes, describe.
    • Question: Do you offer child care during the event? If yes, describe.
    • Question, if childcare is offered, for what ages?
    • Question: Are there activities and care that support tweens/teens (youth) and not only young children.
    • Question: Do you have special sessions for children? If yes, describe.
  • Survey conference participants

    • Likert scale [1-x] item: How family friendly is the event?
    • Likert scale [1-x] item: Anyone can bring their children to the event and know that they have things to do.
    • Likert scale [1-x] item: Children have a place at the conference to play without disturbing other attendees.
  • Analyze conference website [check list]
    • Does the conference promote having a mother’s room?
    • Does the conference promote activities for children and youth?
    • Does the conference promote family-oriented activities?
    • Does the conference explicitly invite attendees to bring their children?
    • Does the conference offer childcare, including youth space?