Name of Metric


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A description of what the metric is and what it captures.


Provide several listed points that clearly describe why someone wants to measure this metric and what can be known with it. As examples:

  • A community manager is interested in this metric because...
  • An OSPO manager is interested in this metric because...
  • An event organizer is interested in this metric because...

Each metric has the potential to influence diversity, equity, and inclusion on an open source project. Please consider these factors when framing metrics objectives.

Implementation (optional)

Provide details on how to measure the metric, collect the data, and analyze it. The following sub-headings should be used to define the implementation. Each of the sub-headings are optional but help structure the different aspects of implementation.

Filters (optional)

Include filter that could be used in relation to the metric. These could include timeframes, geographic locations, or different populations of people.

Visualizations (optional)

Include visualizations such as screenshot of the metric. There may be many more visualizations for this metric, we only want to provide a flavor for what this metric is about. Please provide attribution where the screenshot was taken, e.g., what software.

Tools Providing the Metric (optional)

Metric must be currently deployed/available, in contrast to a tool having the "potential" to provide the metric. Provide direct link to implementation/documentation, if applicable.

Data Collection Strategies (optional)

If there are several different ways to collect data for this metric, list them here. This may include expressing a metric in different ways.


Blog posts, websites, academic papers, or books that mention the metric and provide more background.

Known Contributors

List of people who would like to be mentioned as contributors to this metric.

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