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Contributor Roadmap - Participating

There are several ways you can contribute to CHAOSS in different areas.

Contribution to CHAOSS Website

To contribute to the CHAOSS website, please join wg-website channel in the Slack channel where you can ask website related questions and provide your feedback. The website is hosted on Word Press, and most of the website content is pulled from CHAOSS Website GitHub repo. Knowledge base content on the CHAOSS website is pulled from the CHAOSS Community GitHub repo]( You can create issues and pull requests to contribute to GitHub; once approved, they will be reflected on the CHAOSS website.

Contribution to CHAOSS Metrics and models

CHAOSS metrics and models are developed in several CHAOSS groups. Each group has different meeting timings that can be found on CHAOSS calendar, and each group has its Slack channel and GitHub repo where you can participate through discussion and by creating issues and pull request to make your contributions.

Contribution to CHAOSS Software

CHAOSS has three software projects implementing CHAOSS metrics and models. To contribute to any of the CHAOSS software, join their Slack channel to start a discussion. Each software project has its GitHub repo, where you can participate by creating issues and pull requests to make your contributions.

Contribution to CHAOSS Blogs

To contribute to CHAOSS Blogs, join the #wg-communications Slack channeland share your idea on what you want to write. The Communications Working Group maintains a spreadsheet of content ideas and a calendar of scheduled posts. You can find the list of topics here. or suggest your topic. Once you have written your blog, share it with the community for feedback and publishing.

Contribution to DEI Badging

The DEI Badging working group focuses on issuing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion badges for leadership self-reflection and self-improvement around how they are centering DEI. They always look for reviewers to help them review the DEI badging request. You can join their Badging Slack Channel Slack channel and start a discussion there. DEI Badging also maintains a separate GitHub account where you can participate by creating issues and pull requests to make your contributions.

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