CHAOSS DEI Event Badging Initiative – Version 4.0

CHAOSS Badging Initiative is meant to encourage open source projects and event organizers to obtain our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion badges for the purposes of leadership self-reflection and self-improvement around the ways that they are centering DEI. This badging initiative uses CHAOSS DEI metrics that address issues that are critical to making open source projects and events a safe space and inclusive for everyone.

The DEI Badging initiative is structured in two parts:

  • DEI Event Badging focused on Open Source Events, and Conferences
  • DEI Project Badging focused on Open Source Projects and Software (Coming Soon)

How does DEI Event Badging work?

Once an event organizer applies for the DEI badge, the application goes through a human review, where two reviewers examine the event’s application, making sure it is in line with either our in-person or virtual event review checklist.

This is a transparent and open process, as all reviews and feedback are done publicly.

Once the review is concluded, we award badges according to the performance of the review. These badges come in four different levels.

When an event is awarded the DEI Badge, it tells potential speakers, sponsors, and attendees how much the event organizers are concerned about making their events diverse and inclusive to everyone.

How to Apply for a DEI Event Badge?

Thank you for showing interest in DEI Badging for your event. The Event Badging section is about measuring the inclusivity of different open source events and conferences through a human peer-review process.

Before you Start

For additional information, please visit the official DEI Event Badging Repository. In order to submit an application for your event/conference, review the following documents:

  • Event Submission Requirements: This document describes the minimum requirements for an event/conference to be eligible for a CHAOSS badging process
  • Event Submission Guidelines: This document describes guidelines and steps on how an event can gain a badge under the CHAOSS Badging program.

Make sure to fill out all fields

Please Note

Once you click “submit,” you must use your GitHub account

Submit your Event for a CHAOSS Badge