The Badging Program is new, launching in September of 2020. While we hope to have worked out many of the details, please help us as we work through the process. We suggest that you submit a badging request at least two months prior to your event so that we can provide a timely and thoughtful review. We really hope to improve diversity and inclusion efforts for everyone!

Diversity & Inclusion Event Badging Form

Thank you for showing interest in D&I Badging for your event! The Event Badging section of CHAOSS Badging is about measuring inclusivity of different technical events through human reviews.

The goal of the Diversity & Inclusion Badging Program is to encourage events to obtain D&I badges for reasons of leadership, self-reflection, and self-improvement on issues critical to building the Internet as a social good.

Motivation to Apply

The primary motivation to apply for a CHAOSS D&I Badge is the badge itself! The awarded event can show the open source community that they foster healthy D&I practices with a CHAOSS badge.

Applying for a badge supports D&I efforts within an open source community by expressing that your event is willing to improve the ways the work. These efforts can have affects to D&I practices in your event and even outside of your project space.

Before You Start

For additional information, please visit the official CHAOSS D&I Badging Repository

In order to submit an application for a project, review the following documents:

  • Applicant role - This document describes the GitHub permissions and the responsibilities of a CHAOSS Badging Applicant.
  • Event submission requirements - Minimum requirements for a Event to be eligible for participation in CHAOSS Badging process.
  • Event submission guidelines - Guidelines and steps on how a Event can gain a badge under the CHAOSS Badging program.

Make sure to fill out all the fields!

Please Note

Once you click "submit", you must use your GitHub account to finalize the issue on their Website by clicking "Create New Issue".

Submit your Event for a CHAOSS Badge

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