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Diversity and Inclusion on The New Stack

By June 11, 2019October 5th, 2021No Comments

CHAOSS D&I WG on The New Stack

A contributed article on The New Stack details how the CHAOSS D&I Working Group got started and evolved. Georg Link and Sarah Conway take a close look at the working group's history and capture insights that are only known to those who were part of the evolution. The article outline is:

  • History of the CHAOSS project
  • Rise of the CHAOSS D&I Working Group
  • Creating D&I Metrics
  • What’s Next for CHAOSS D&I WG

The New Stack staff also interviewed Georg Link and Nicole Huesman about the CHAOSS D&I Working Group for their podcast. Questions they answer are:

  • How did you get involved with the CHAOSS project?
  • How did the CHAOSS project come about? Why was the Linux Foundation interested in creating a standard set of metrics for open source projects?
  • What were the initial metrics that people were interested in measuring? What were they trying to learn about their projects that fueled that initial interest?
  • What are the questions and metrics that you would use to quantify diversity and inclusion?
  • How is CHAOSS measuring results of diversity and inclusion? What are good metrics to use as indicators?
  • What is the plan for getting diversity and inclusion metrics out to individual projects and supporting them with using the metrics?
  • Why do people want metrics? What do they want to use them for? How does it improve software delivery?
  • How to get involved in the CHAOSS project?


Contributed article on The New Stack:

Podcast on The New Stack: