CHAOSS Weekly (January 25-29, 2021)

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Weekly Newsletter (January 25-29, 2021)

CHAOSScast Episode 27: Xiaoya Xia and Jaskirat Singh

We are happy to have hosted our two Google Season of Docs students, Xiaoya and Jaskirat, on the latest episode of CHAOSScast. Hosts Georg Link, Matt Snell, and Aastha Bist chat with Xiaoya and Jaskirat on their experience and challenges with participating in the GSoD program. They each made outstanding contributions to the CHAOSS documentation, and you can listen to their episode here:

Risk Working Group Meeting on Thursdays at 2 pm Central

Based on the most common time available for the Risk WG community, we have moved these meetings to Thursdays at 2:00 pm Central (Chicago) time. We are heavily invested in talking about dependencies, but that’s not all the group discusses. The group will continue to develop metrics related to software risk in a variety of focus areas. If this is something that is of interest to you, please join! Meeting details below.

January 31 Metrics Freeze 

Last week was the last week for working groups to develop metrics to be included in the upcoming metrics release (March 2021). There will be a 30-day community review period for all metrics before the official release happens. Feel free to join in the weekly community call tomorrow at 11:00 Central (Chicago) time to learn more about this process and the review period.

This Week’s Volunteer Opportunity

GitHub Repo Standardization Coordinator

  • Description of what’s needed: Moving between the GitHub repositories for our 5 Working Groups can be confusing because each has developed their own unique naming conventions. We are looking for someone to work with us to go through the five Working Group repositories and change the folder and file names. This person would also fix any links to the files that may need to be updated, including CHAOSS metrics website.
  • Skills needed: Basic git knowledge to make changes in the git repositories. A GitHub account and knowledge of GitHub is also helpful.
  • Hours per week needed: This is a one-time project, and we estimate 5 total hours (one hour per Working Group repository).

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, reach out to Elizabeth (

Upcoming Meetings 

All calls (except the D&I Badging Outreach call) use our CHAOSS community Zoom link: All meetings are listed in the US Central Time (Chicago) timezone. (Convert into your local time here).

Tuesday, February 2
9:30am  Community Reports Sync (Agenda & Minutes)
10:00am  D&I Badging Outreach Track (Agenda and Minutes)
11:00am  CHAOSS Weekly Sync (Agenda & Minutes)
Wednesday, February 3
10:00am  Diversity & Inclusion Working Group Meeting (Agenda & Minutes)
Thursday, February 4
10:00am  Common Metrics Working Group Meeting (Agenda & Minutes)
2:00pm Risk Working Group Meeting (Agenda & Minutes)

Meetings (Open to All)

All meetings at:

Calendar at:

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