CHAOSS Weekly (October 26-30, 2020)

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Weekly Newsletter (October 26-30, 2020)

New Zoom Link is Now In Effect!

Our shiny new Zoom link is in effect. We will begin using the new zoom link starting this week, and it is: or

Both of those links will take you to the CHAOSS Meeting Zoom. We’ve made the changes throughout all the CHAOSS channels of communication, but if you see a reference to the old number still living on somewhere, let us know! Also, if you have any questions or problems accessing the new link, please let Elizabeth know ( and she’ll get you sorted right away.

Mental Health is Even More Crucial Right Now

This is just a reminder that this week is likely to be a stressful one for a lot of our CHAOSS community members. The anxiety and uncertainty that comes with this pivotal US Presidential election is very real. We encourage working groups to decide if they still would like to host their regular meetings this week, and for those in the community to take the time they need to process the events as they unfold. And just to be clear, we encourage anyone experiencing stressful events in their local communities or personal lives to please put self-care in the forefront! Your health and well-being is very important to us.

The CHAOSS Community check-in on Tuesday will not be our Super Special Monthly Edition but instead will be a short and casual chat. If you plan on participating, bring something to share that is feeding your soul. It can be a book, a podcast, a hobby, a mental health practice, or anything that is making your life better right now.

Be well, friends! We are in this together. <3

Linux Foundation Launches SDDI

Shout-out to the work from Kate Stewart and her team for creating the Software Developer Diversity and Inclusion (SDDI) project which takes a science and research-based approach to improving overall diversity and inclusion among the software development industry. These efforts align with the mission of CHAOSS and our goal of improving the overall health of open source communities, and as such, SDDI is relevant to our interests. 🙂 If you would like to be involved with or learn more about the initiative, you can visit their site at

CHAOSS App Ecosystem Meetings On Pause for Holidays

Those who attend the CHAOSS App Ecosystem meetings every other Monday should take note that these meetings have been put on hold for the holiday season. They will resume on January 11, 2021.

Upcoming Meetings (This May Change as the Week Goes On)

All meetings are in US Central Time/Chicago (UTC-5) and are held at or We’d love for you to join!

Monday, November 2
11:00am  CHAOSS Web-Content Meeting

Tuesday, November 3
11:00am  CHAOSS Weekly Sync (short version)
Wednesday, November 4
8:00am  Asia – Pacific CHAOSS Community Call (Pending cancellation)
9:00am  Evolution Working Group Meeting
10:00am  Diversity & Inclusion Working Group Meeting
Thursday, November 5
10:00am  Value Working Group Meeting
4:00pm  Risk Working Group Meeting

Meetings (Open to All)

All meetings at:

Calendar at:

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