CHAOSS Weekly (Aug 17-21, 2020)

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Weekly Newsletter (Aug 17-21, 2020)

Welcome Jaskirat and Xiaoya to GSoD!

We are thrilled to have Jaskirat Singh and Xiaoya Xia officially joining CHAOSS under this year’s Google Season of Docs! Jaskirat will be working on the CHAOSS Community Handbook, and Xiaoya will be working with the D&I Badging Program, building out the documentation for applicants, reviewers, and moderators. GSoD runs until December 6 and we can’t wait to see the improvements and changes that they implement over the next few months!

Congratulations to All GSoC and Outreachy Students 

With 10 total students participating in the Google Summer of Code and Outreachy programs, we are extremely thankful for the amazing progress made by all. We are sad to see you all go and hope that you continue with CHAOSS in a less official capacity! It’s been wonderful to have you contributing to the project. Our students this year were:

They did an amazing job and we are so proud of all of them!

CHAOSScast Episode 14: The Theory and Future of Measurement with Chris Mercer

This week we delve deeper into analyzation of metrics, the conclusions we can make from them, and how that impacts the changes that are made. Mercer gives us a different perspective from the world of digital marketing and shows us the power of being able to answer relevant questions and identify trends and patterns. It’s a great listen, which you can do so here:


To better accommodate schedules of some of the core Risk Working Group members, the regular meetings have changed to every other Thursday at 4:00 pm CDT.


Upcoming Meetings

All meetings are in US Central Time (UTC-5) and are held at We’d love for you to join!

Monday, August 24
12:00pm – CHAOSS App Ecosystem WG
Tuesday, August 25
10:00am – CHAOSS Grimoire Lab Meeting
11:00am – CHAOSS Weekly Sync
Wednesday, August 26
8:00am –  Asia – Pacific CHAOSS Community Call
9:00am –  Evolution Working Group Meeting
10:00am –  Diversity & Inclusion Working Group Meeting
Thursday, August 27
9:00am –  CHAOSS Augur Meeting
10:00am –  Value Working Group Meeting
4:00pm –  Risk Working Group Meeting

Meetings (Open to All)

All meetings at:

Calendar at:

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