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CHAOSScon NA 2019 Schedule


Regarding GrimoireLab, Over the last week, the most activity in GrimoireLab was related to improve KingArthur, the retrieval data scheduler. Version 0.1.16 of this component was released which includes several features: user-defined queues to run tasks, tasks lifetimes, custom event handlers and a better REST API to get information about tasks and jobs. Among other activity in GrimoireLab, some critical bugs were fixed, especially the ones related to GitLab merge request retrieval [perceval/#53] and Jira analysis [grimoire-elk/#656].

Regarding Augur, They began development on the new front-end design and how they are going to integrate typescript with vuex and the frontend endpoint mapping system. Also, they fixed issues with and made the ability of worker's running on startup much smoother and fixed bugs relating to their processes not being killed properly. Finally, they added a metrics status worker that will be able to scrape CHAOSS metrics documentation and store discovered metrics in the Augur database.


Going to CHAOSScon? Join the D&I Workshop on August 20th at 10:30am to help explore existing and new metrics that can help us better understand this critical open source project health issue. You can check out the full schedule of metrics related talks at: 


CALL FOR PILOT PROJECTS!! At CHAOSS, we are looking for pilot projects that can help us better understand the deployment of metrics in practice. With the CHAOSS Metrics Version One release happening in about a week, one of our next points of interest is better understanding how these metrics help inform your understanding of open source project health. Interested? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, Matt Germonprez, at or @germ.



August 20, 2019


Common WG Meeting:

July 25, 2019

10:00am US Central

Value WG Meeting:

July 26, 2019

11:00am US Central

D&I WG Meeting:

July 29, 2019

9:30am US Central

Risk WG Meeting:

July 29, 2019

1:00pm US Central

CHAOSS Community Call:

July 30, 2019

11:00am US Central

Evolution WG Meeting:

July 31, 2019

9:30am US Central

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