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CHAOSScon NA 2019 Schedule Now Available!


Thanks for everyone’s hard work in getting CHAOSScon set. This includes thanks to the keynotes, presenters, and behind-the-scenes organizing committee. You can check out the full schedule here: 


Regarding GrimoireLab, version 0.2.26 was released with several improvements. New are bots filtering in every panel. Starting with this release, it's possible to analyze only a set of defined Git branches. New is support for OAuth2 tokens to fetch data from Meetup. Minor issues in pie chart labels were fixed as well as minor bugs in the data model.

Regarding Augur, the latest release of dev, of the integrated data model, now supports identification of GitHub users across repositories and the automated development of user’s with multiple email addresses where that is shared by the user. While persisted in a hashed state for privacy, user mapping at least now has some automated support. A number of new API endpoints for Risk and Value were also deployed.


The candidate metric comment period is coming to an end in just a few weeks. Thanks to everyone for their efforts in moving towards CHAOSS Metrics Version One. You are always welcome to provide feedback on any of the metrics at: 



August 20, 2019


Common WG Meeting:

July 11, 2019

10:00am US Central

Value WG Meeting:

July 12, 2019

11:00am US Central

Risk WG Meeting:

July 15, 2019

1:00pm US Central

CHAOSS Community Call:

July 16, 2019

11:00am US Central

Evolution WG Meeting:

July 17, 2019

9:30am US Central

D&I WG Meeting:

July 22, 2019

9:30am US Central

All meetings at: 







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