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Regarding Augur, there were many small bugs that were run into while running the GitHub worker and encountering rare cases. The Augur team updated the worker to handle all these cases that they ran into and the worker is nearly running perfectly smooth. They have changed the way they create GitHub API requests to include user authorization. Other changes were GitHub made to the worker in order to query issues of all states (open and closed), and of all the pages available (by default, the GitHub API only returns the first page of issues).


Did you know that CHAOSS has a YouTube channel?

We record and provide transcriptions of all of our WG meetings. If miss a meeting or would simply like to see what’s going on in the meetings, check out the videos. Also worth mentioning, all of these WG meetings are OPEN TO EVERYONE. If you have an interest in Diversity & Inclusion, Risk, Value, Evolution, or Common metrics join in! Connection details are to the right.


This should be the big push for WGs to release their candidate metrics in advance of CHAOSS Metrics Version 1 is:

  • Candidate metrics available for comment by June 21
  • Comment period closes July 26
  • CHAOSS Metrics Version 1 posted August 9

For the WGs, here is the consistent reminder to check-out the file at: 



August 20, 2019


Evolution WG Meeting:

June 19, 2019

9:30am US Central

Common WG Meeting:

June 20, 2019

10:00am US Central

Value WG Meeting:

June 21, 2019

11:00am US Central

D&I WG Meeting:

June 24, 2019

9:30am US Central

Risk WG Meeting:

July 1, 2019

1:00pm US Central

CHAOSS Community Call:

June 25, 2019

11:00am US Central

All meetings at: 







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