Event Locations

Question: Where are open source project events located?


This metric helps understand where events for a project are located to better understand the project’s commitment to engage a global audience. Project events may include conferences, hackathons, meetups, and other synchronous get togethers. Project events may be embedded or co-located with other open source events.


To give insight as to where project events and meet-ups are happening globally.



  • Virtual versus in-person or hybrid
  • Attention to time zones
  • Collocated with another conference
  • Geographic Region
  • Type of event (local meetup vs. global conference)

Tools Providing the Metric

  • Shared or publicly available calendars on project websites
  • Event lists on Foundation or project websites

    Data Collection Strategies (Optional)

  • Ask event organizers
  • Look on project or foundation websites. For example: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/
  • Aggregated Open Source event sites
  • IEEE SA Open’s Community Calendar: https://saopen.ieee.org/events/



  • Elizabeth Barron
  • Dawn Foster
  • Vinod Ahuja
  • Kevin Lumbard
  • Matt Germonprez