Code of Conduct for Project

Question: How does the Code of Conduct for the project support diversity and inclusion?


A code of conduct signals to project members what behavior is acceptable. A code of conduct also provides enforcement mechanisms to deal with people who misbehave.


A code of conduct in a project provides the following:

  • Knowing that a community takes diversity and inclusion seriously.
  • Evaluating a community for diverse and inclusive design, before investing any time in that project.
  • Identifying whether or not their demographic is protected prior to participating in a project.
  • Ensuring that project partnerships, and allies take diversity and inclusion seriously as it can impact their own reputation and community health.
  • Understanding how a violation is reported and handled.
  • Observing that the code of conduct is being enforced; and not just the potential for enforcement.


Tools Providing the Metric

Data Collection Strategies

  • Identify the location of the code of conduct as it pertains to primary areas of interaction and participation in projects and events (i.e., repo root, event entrance, communication channels).
  • Survey project members about their perception of how a code of conduct influences their participation and sense of safety.
  • Follow-up survey for reporting, around discoverability, clarity, and relevance.


  • Code of Conduct passes Mozilla’s Code of Conduct Assessment Tool
  • Interview and/or survey community members to understand more about why the code of conduct does or does not meet their expectations.
    • What can the project do to improve the code of conduct?
    • What are some examples of how this community met or exceeded your code of conduct expectations?


  • Browse the project website. If code of conduct is posted and there is a clear avenue for reporting violations, this criteria is fulfilled. (Note: ideally, the code of conduct would be discoverable)
  • Survey participants about the code of conduct:
    • Likert scale [1-x] item: How well did the project meet your code of conduct expectations?
    • Likert scale [1-x] item: How clear are you on the rights and responsibilites of community members as described in the code of conduct?
    • Were you made aware of the code of conduct and how to report violations? [i]
    • Did the existence of the code of conduct make you feel safer, and more empowered to fully participate in this project? [i]
    • If you reported a violation of the code of conduct, was it resolved to your satisfaction? [i]


[i] Some sample questions re-used from the Mozilla project.