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Outreachy Intern Ore-Aruwaji Tola

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My name is Ore-Aruwaji Tola, this is an article that gives a break down of how I got selected as an Outreachy Intern working for CHAOSS

I am a staunch advocate of Open source software because it changed everything in my life. I improved my coding skills through Free and Open Source Software. I am always intrigued about Open source software because the source code is made available to people who would like to view, inspect the code, copy it, learn from it, alter it and share it.

Free and Open Source Software has really changed how we interact because people can now customize the source code in correlation with their needs and the freedom to explore it.

I got interested in Outreachy after reading chidexebere article on ‘How he got accepted into Outreachy’.After reading his article, I sent him a message telling him to explain the whole Outreachy process. He really motivated me to apply to any Open Source Organization project I find interesting. I was looking for ways to develop my skills so i was really interested in getting an Outreachy internship and contributing to any Open source Organization.


What is Outreachy ?

Outreachy is a program that provides three months of paid internship to work in Open Source and free software. Anyone around the world can apply for the Outreachy application. Interns work remotely, and are not required to move. Outreachy applications are not limited to programming, it extends to design, documentation, research, data science, graphical design, user experience, project marketing, event planning etc. Outreachy provides interns an opportunity to build and develop their skills by working with different organizations, contributing to free and open source software and also working on products that will be made accessible to people all over the world.

The Application Process

The application process for Outreachy is in three stages:

  1. Initial Application: The initial application includes different sections and this determines your eligibility for the next stage. In this application stage you have to provide your basic information and answer four essay questions. When applying for Outreachy, always start your application early so you can finish it on time.

  2. Contribution stage: During this stage you have to select a project to work on from any Free and Open Source Software Organizations making at least one contribution. This stage is very important because you get to meet your mentors that will guide you through the process.
    During my contribution stage, one thing that helped me was I selected a project that was similar to my skill set. Also, I chose CHAOSS because the mentors were accessible and available to get me past the process until it was completed.

  3. Final Application: After your contribution stage you are required to create a final application for the project you applied to. Your final application should include a detailed information about yourself, contributions made to your project and a detailed Proposal about the project. This will enable you to plan effectively during your internship if accepted. The Final application is very important, make it precise and concrete.

During my contribution and final Application stages I always seek the consent of my mentors for any step I want to make. They were always ready to help me learn and grow. I really gained a lot of knowledge from them during the process.

After the final application, I still contributed to the project. I was more interested in my learning and the knowledge to be gained.

Thank you Outreachy and the team at CHAOSS for this opportunity. I also want to thank my mentors Saleh Abdel Motaal, Matt Snell and Matt Germonprez for their support through my application process. I am super happy I got in, I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together.

Also congratulations to my fellow interns. I cannot wait to meet you and read about your experiences applying to Outreachy.

My advice to anyone applying for the next internship round is always be consistent, seek the consent of your mentors always, and contribute to the selected projects.

"Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning." -- Robert Kiyosaki

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Thank you.

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