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name: Metrics Release Candidate about: Use this template for new metrics labels: ['Metrics Candidate Release']

This issue is created to collect comments on the <> metric

This metric can be found here: <>

CHAOSS Metric Quality Checklist

This checklist is used for new metrics to ensure we follow CHAOSS quality standards and processes.


  • [ ] Add the new metric to release notes issue in working group repo.
  • [ ] Add metric to the WordPress website.
  • [ ] Update the Metrics Spreadsheet to indicate that the metric is under community review and add the Page Id. Update context tags and keywords if necessary.
  • [ ] Create PR to add Page ID # to the stable reference URL at the bottom of the metrics markdown page.

When above steps are completed:

Content Quality

  • [ ] Required headings, context tags, and keywords have content
  • [ ] If any, ensure links to other CHAOSS metrics work
  • [ ] Optional headings that have no content are removed
  • [ ] Contributors section lists those contributors that want to be named
  • [ ] The name of the metric is the same in all locations

Technical Requirements

  • Message that the metric will be part of the next regular release is at top of page:

This metric is a release candidate. To comment on this metric please see Issue [#[put the respective Issue Number here]](URL to issue). Following a comment period, this metric will be included in the next regular release.

  • Metric file name is the full metric name and only contains lower case letters and hyphens (“-”) for spaces
  • Images are included using markdown and absolute links (as described in the metrics template)
  • Images have at least one empty line above and below them
  • Ensure images are placed in image folder and followed naming convention
  • Ensure tables within metric are converted as images and placed in the image folder (both original MD and screenshotted PNG?raw=true format) and follow the naming convention
  • No HTML code in the metrics markdown.