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CHAOSS Meetings

CHAOSS works a lot in meetings via synchronous video calls. With very few exceptions, all of the CHAOSS meetings are:

Meetings are often changing, so for a full list of the current CHAOSS meetings, please see the CHAOSS Calendar.

Facilitating a Meeting

Some meetings rotate facilitators, which is a great way to contribute to CHAOSS. If this is something you are interested in, you should be a regular attendee at the meeting, and we have some guidance for how we facilitate meetings at CHAOSS.

After the Meeting

After our meetings, the recording gets posted to CHAOSStube. The procedure we follow is:

  1. Update video name
  2. Add a description that includes a link to the minutes document
  3. Configure thumbnail image to show on YouTube for video (Export PNG?raw=true from this slide deck)
  4. Add video to appropriate YouTube playlist
  5. Publish video
  6. Share in the appropriate Slack channel

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