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CHAOSS Brand Style Guide

The complete CHAOSS brand style guide can be found in the Brand Style Guide Slide Deck. This guide aims to summarize the high points regarding the use of the CHAOSS brand.

Project Name & Logo

Project Name

The project name “CHAOSS” should be used in all caps to signify that it is an acronym, meaning Community Health Analytics Open Source Software. In a document, please use the full name “CHAOSS” or “CHAOSS project” in first mention; in subsequent references, you may refer to it as “this collaborative project,” or simply “the project” to avoid redundancy or clumsiness.

Project Logos

The range of colors within the project logo communicates energy and symbolizes diverse perspectives and viewpoints coalescing into a beautiful circle, reflective of the CHAOSS community. The project logo can be found on GitHub.

Logo usage

Always maintain ample, clear space around the logo to preserve its integrity and visual impact. The clear space ensures the logo can be seen quickly, uncluttered by any other information that surrounds it. The correct amount of space consists of the diameter of the “o” in the logo.

Additional Design Files

Additional design assets can be found here and here. These folders contain a variety of samples, assets, and previews designed by our globally distributed design team.

Citing the CHAOSS Project

  • When citing the CHAOSS project for any reason, please reference the project by providing a link to our site at:
  • When referencing the CHAOSS project on social media, please link to the appropriate CHAOSS social media account.

Size the logo appropriately

Always make sure to size the logo appropriately. Minimum size of the logo should be ¾” wide (.75”)(54 pixels).

Use the correct colors

The primary logo is the ‘color’ logo and should be used whenever possible. Secondary reverse white and black logos have also been created for use, depending on the application.

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