Community Health Report Request

Thanks for your interest in generating a CHAOSS Community Report for your project. A few things that we ask:

1) Only submit one repository from your project from which we will generate a CHAOSS Community Report. This can be your project's main repository and it can be a large repository. For the time being, we are limiting the CHAOSS Community Reports to one page and submitting more than one repository will require more than one page for reporting.

2) If you submit more than a single repository for your CHAOSS Community Report, we will simply select the first one on the list (Hint: If you would like two repositories analyzed, submit two report requests).

3) If you provide a logo, we will use it at the top of your report and display it on a page that tracks all of the projects and organizations participating in the Community Health Report program.

4) Please be patient with us as we generate the report for your project. We are new to this and while we think we have the process pretty well worked out, we're not sure about things such as demand from others. We hope to get your reports back in a few days. We'll really do our best.

5) The report will include four different graphs:

  • Commit Dates and Times (presented in the committers local time)
  • Number of Open and Closed Issues over Time
  • Mean Duration (Days) of all Closed Pull Requests
  • Fly-by and Repeat Contributor Counts per Month

6) We will not share your report with others unless you tell us it's okay!

7) All CHAOSS Community Reports are generated with CHAOSS software - GrimoireLab and Augur - and are built from CHAOSS metrics.

8) The reports are for informational purposes only and are only created through publicly available data.

Submit Your Community Health Report Request

(All fields are required unless specified optional)

The provided logo of your project/organization will be used on the generated report and CHAOSS website
Please upload an image file (maximum size 3MB) or provide a image URL for your project/organization

Issue response time
Pull Request/Merge Request Response Time
Pull Request/Merge Request Time to Close
New Contributor counts per time period
Percentage of first time contributor retention


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