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Metrics for Event Organizers

By December 14, 2021No Comments

The CHAOSS App Ecosystem WG releases Metrics for OSS Event Organizers

Open source projects and ecosystems organize events to bring together the community members. These events provide the space for collaboration, deepening relationships, and making new friends.

The CHAOSS App Ecosystem Working Group describes a set of metrics for event organizers. The metrics are designed to support four goals that open source event organizers may have:

  • Goal 1: Retaining and Attracting Contributors
  • Goal 2: Have Engaging Events
  • Goal 3: Understanding Company Contributions to Event
  • Goal 4: Ensure Events Contribute Towards Diversity and Skill Gaps in the Community

Following the goal-question-metric approach, the goals led to 19 questions, which in turn resulted in the description of 40 metrics. For each metric, the working group provides pointers for how to collect the necessary data.

The open source event organizer metrics were first published in December 2020. This new release was improved with the feedback from event organizers.

New this time is also the presentation as a slidedeck. The hope is that presenting the questions and metrics in this way is more comprehensible.

Here is the link to the slide deck:

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