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Where should we start?

We are so glad you are interested in contributing to the CHAOSS project!
You can improve our projects in many different ways

Here are the three most common ways to get started:

I want to talk to someone about how I can contribute to CHAOSS

I want to participate in a CHAOSS meeting

I want to contribute code to the CHAOSS project

I want to talk to someone

To talk to someone in the CHAOSS project, reach out to @Elizabeth Barron on the CHAOSS Slack channel.

She is very kind, and will help you get started!

I want to attend a CHAOSS meeting

Head to the Participate page for a more detailed explanation of each meeting's purpose.

Please see below for a list of available CHAOSS meetings:

I want to contribute code

Below are some examples of CHAOSS code projects you may want to contribute to:


GrimoireLab is a set of free, open source software tools for software development analytics. They gather data from several platforms involved in software development (Git, GitHub, Jira, Bugzilla, Gerrit, Mailing lists, Jenkins, Slack, Discourse, Confluence, StackOverflow, [and more](, merge and organize it in a database, and produce visualizations, actionable dashboards, and analytics of all of it.

GrimoireLab is focused on analyzing activity, community, and processes. Nonetheless, it can be easily tailored for other aims, and integrated with other tools.



If you want to quickly and flexibly understand a set of open source software projects, give Augur a try! "Augur" is the core software, and "augur-community-reports", "augur-spdx" (for licensing), and "Auggie", which is a slack plugin for notifications that enables you to get push messages from Augur.

Want to get started right away without doing much work? Email a list of repository to GitHub/GitLab organizations to Augur at with the subject line "Augur Instance", and we will respond with a timeline within a day. The more repositories you request, the longer it takes to gather data (FYI).



Cregit is a framework of tools that facilitates the analysis and visualization of the evolution of source code stored in git repositories.

More Information:


Cregit applied to Linux: