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XLAB 2020 Digital Insight Report

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Check Out The GitHub 2020 Digital Insight Report!

By Xiaoya

This is a report produced by X-lab and jointly completed with several scientific institutions. We wish to share the insights and metrics that were digged out through GitHub collaboration data with CHAOSS.

Open source software has become a cornerstone of our digital world, and open collaboration plays an enormous role in the development of human digital civilization.

GitHub, the world's largest open source collaboration platform, produced a massive amount of developer behavior data.

We obtained 860 million event logs generated in 2020 and analyzed 14.54 million active developers and 54.21 million active projects.

What have we learned?

Please read our GitHub 2020 Digital Insight Report.


This report, which is also an open source project(GitHub Address), explores the status of global trends in open source. You will find an in-depth analysis of developers and projects, case studies, and insights about individual contribution patterns, group collaboration models, community health status, development trends, and business value.

Here are some highlights:





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