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Chat Channel APIs

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Pulling Metrics from Chat Channels

By: CHAOSS D&I WG (Georg Link & Justin W. Flory)

In the D&I Working Group, we worked on the Chat Platform Inclusivity metric and began exploring data collection on different chat platforms. To create an implementation for collecting data from chat platforms, we had a number of considerations.

  1. Is a chat platform open source, thus making it easy to integrate?
  2. Does a chat platform provide a stable API to gather data we want to study?
  3. Is a platform already supported by Perceval, a CHAOSS GrimoireLab’s tool support?

From this conversation, we created a list best represented in the visual below:

table with chat platforms and their open source, open api, and perceval support status

After proceeding through this exercise, we decided not to include this information in the metric itself because the platforms evolve quickly, and therefore, would make it difficult to maintain the information. This said, we wanted to preserve the outcome of our conversation by publishing this list here on the CHAOSS blog in the hopes that others will find it useful.

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