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By December 2, 2020October 5th, 2021No Comments

The First Edition of D&I Badging Documentation is Available

By xiaoya

It has been an amazing experience to build documentation with CHAOSS D&I Badging program during the past two months, and I am thrilled to announce that the first edition is now available as a subsection of the CHAOSS community handbook at :

This is a preliminary edition, we are going to revise and restructure the whole documentation during the next two weeks, so each suggestion or opinion during this period would be tremendously meaningful for us, we sincerely wish for more perspectives and comments from the community!

If you have feedback for the D&I badging documentation, a more ideal way may be collaborating on GitHub: submit a PR with edits to places you think can be improved under the documentation repository, or leave comments under the review issue.

Thanks eveyone in the community who has helped during the development of D&I badging Project and Documentation!!