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Diversity & Inclusion Badging Program

By September 15, 2020October 5th, 2021No Comments

Project Launch: CHAOSS Diversity & Inclusion Badging Program

By Matt Snell

We are so excited to announce that our Diversity & Inclusion Badging Program is up and running. We are currently accepting applications for events, both in-person and virtual. If you are an organizer of an event, consider applying for a CHAOSS D&I Event Badge! You can start the process here:

Event organizers can apply for a D&I Event Badge for reasons of leadership, self-reflection, and self-improvement on issues critical to fostering more diverse and inclusive events. Our goal is that this program fosters healthier D&I practices in open source and recognizes events that prioritize diversity and inclusivity for all.

The D&I Badging Program would not be where it is without the amazing group of people who have helped make it a reality. Thank you everyone!! 🙂

If you are applying for a D&I Event Badge, we strongly suggest that you submit the application at least two months prior to an event so that we can provide a timely and thoughtful review. Event Badging submissions take place openly and transparently on GitHub, and you can begin the application at our CHAOSS D&I Badging Applicant form. We are also constantly improving the program, so please request upgrades and send ideas at any of our repositories.

The D&I Badging Program is also currently accepting new reviewers. If you want to become involved in the D&I Badging Program, please check out the reviewer guide to learn more about the role. If you want to help, you can apply to review today!

Let’s work together to help improve diversity and inclusion for all!!