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Introducing CHAOSScast

by Georg Link

CHAOSS has come a long way since founded in 2017 and is primed to go much further. It has expanded in major ways. We now have:

  • 6 working groups
  • 40 defined metrics
  • 5 CHAOSScon have run internationally
  • Many updates to metric tools in GrimoireLab
  • A new streamlined metric platform called Augur

We have made the CHAOSS community a vibrant place of activity that brings together diverse people from across the open source ecosystem who are interested in understanding, measuring, and analyzing open source community health. And we are now expanding our community in one more way

With CHAOSScast, the CHAOSS community is growing even further!

The goal of this community podcast is to share use cases and experience with measuring open source community health. We want to elevate conversations around metrics, analytics, and software for open source community health.

The podcast will fill an important gap in the CHAOSS community. We will invite guests to speak about their unique use cases and experiences. These are stories we would have a hard time sharing otherwise.

Listen to the first episode to learn more about CHAOSScast and our plans for it!

CHAOSScast will become available in your favorite podcast app during June 2020. Until then, you can subscribe using the RSS feed.

A big thank you to everyone in the CHAOSS community who has stepped up to make this podcast a reality.

  • Georg Link is the visionary who has been leading the podcast effort.
  • Matt Broberg is the co-pilot that helps with the administration and management of the podcast.
  • Samantha Venia Logan and Sean Goggins, in addition to Georg and Matt B, will be inviting guests and organizing episode recordings.
  • Dylan Marcy will be publishing the episodes after they are edited.
  • Matt Germonprez, Dawn Foster, Kevin Lumbard, Brian Proffitt, Don Marti, Nicole Huesman, and Daniel Izquierdo are regular panelists.

Take a look at the CHAOSS Community Handbook to learn more about how CHAOSScast is organized.

Please reach out to with any questions, suggestions, and feedback.

And again, listen to the first episode to learn more about CHAOSScast and our plans for it: